S is for Scotland

Scotland in general is my favorite within the UK. It’s a sore topic for me to bring up since it’s another spot I traveled with the sociopath. Despite the bad company and constant downpour, the fact that I still love Edinburgh should tell you how great it is.

We took a 5 hour train journey from Nottingham to Edinburgh. There were bus and plane options as well, but the train is the cheapest (if you buy accordingly, especially with a student rail card!) and easiest (it takes you directly to the center of Edinburgh). I remember the ride being scenic but unfortunately, I was busy hammering out a 10 page essay for a class. Did I procrastinate that much that I had to lug my work with me on a trip? Yes. It didn’t help that there was a group of old women celebrating a birthday and were getting smashed the entire ride. Keep it up, ladies.

I loved walking around Edinburgh. The museums are free! We did a whiskey tour which was interesting but I still couldn’t drink my shot. There was a cute Christmas market which made everything so festive….





We also did a tour to take us to the Highlands.



I am planning on returning in December with my family and I can’t wait.


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