Life lately, in Chicago

I thought I’d put something here to commemorate my time in the (well, sorta) mid-west. It is weird being back in the US. My four day stay in Boston prior to this week was filled with anxiety, happiness, surprise, excitement, and mellowness. I can’t quite nail it down.

18109768_120332000384414793_1487720440_nOn the one hand, going from Nottingham –> Boston –> Chicago is a wonderful change in environment. I have sorely missed being in a big city with diversity. Side note: prior to leaving Boston I had never considered it to be a big city, but…..being away makes you more appreciative, I guess.

Chicago….the cleaner version of NYC.

On the other hand, I forgot how complicated and expensive things can get here. Taxes and tip. The menacing tier of supermarkets. I mistakenly stepped into a Star Market and did a double take in the prices. To be clear, it’s not that I’m broke, necessarily, but groceries are significantly¬†cheaper in the UK and Europe in general…..I walked up to the counter and the cashier chastised a customer in front of me for buying half a liter of water with raspberries in it. “Don’t waste your money! Do it at home!” she told the customer. Hipsters wanting fancy water, am I right?


Navy Pier
It ain’t Chicago without some good ol’ pizza.

When it was my turn, she asked me something that I couldn’t comprehend. “Sorry!” I said, “I’ve been out of the US for four years and I’m not with it…..” She responded immediately, “Girl you’ve been out for four years? Lucky…”

So far though, it’s been nice. No whiplash of repatriation. I forgot I had family and friends here.



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