F is for Floating Islands of Peru

What pleasantly surprised me when I got to Peru was how much I could do on my own. I already took advantage of the free walking tour(s) of Cusco to get my feel of the city and meet other travelers, but I wanted to do more. Note: if I was there now, I probably would have been satisfied sitting on a rooftop sipping pisco sours and reading a book. Boring.

I remember asking the hostel travel desk for suggestions (since they arranged my Machu Picchu  itinerary)…..but everything they suggested were out of my budget (and ideal for groups of 2-5).  Since I was keen on not wasting a day of inactivity, I took a bus to explore Lago Titicaca, and was assured that I’d find tours there in no time (advice of other travelers really helped!).

The boat ride begins!
Method of transport!
Replica of the floating islands.


So beautiful.

Five years later I can still remember how NOISY and ridiculous the ride back was for me. A group of European backpackers got on board and wreaked havoc by kicking my seat, drinking, eating, and singing. I think the bus driver sang along too, at one point. For 3am, they had a lot of energy.

Cute alpacas, llamas, and sheep everywhere!




Lago Titicaca was a place I would’ve missed had it not been for the suggestion of others. I would love to return someday to visit Bolivia, the other side.


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