C is for Cebu

My trip to the Philippines was one I wouldn’t have taken had it not been for a cheap deal and friends’ encouragement. To be honest, when planning a trip I always prioritize cityscapes over island destinations because I can do more on a city trip. On an island, I would probably eat endless scoops of ice cream and chill by the beach. Not a bad idea, but just my unusual preference.

Since we had an awkward stretch of time before our flight, we hired a car for a day tour of Cebu. The hostel (more like hotel, with breakfast!) we stayed at for the night arranged the car pick-up, which was convenient. We weren’t sure what to see in Cebu, so the tour guide was option was ideal.

Taoist temple!

There is so much history in Cebu. While walking around we heard American English, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog…..it was nice to be surrounded by diversity again.

Delicious, cheap, simple!
Guitar shop!

I was tempted to bring back a ukelele  at the guitar shop, but the limited restrictions on Air Asia convinced me not to. At least I have the beautiful sea shells to remember the Philippines by!



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