I turned 26 on the 18th of this month. While I could have celebrated via an inebriating activity, fancy meal out, and treat yo’self escapades, I opted for a low-key affair. I can’t put a finger on exactly why I feel mellow about ageing. It is after all, another year that I survived and four more years closer to the big 3-0. Plus I’ve always done something for a birthday and I feel exhausted with the constant stream of dramatic events that have occurred even in the past few months alone. A refreshing gym session and a night of mochas & Netflix (with a heaping bowl of nachos) were the perfect fix for me.

I don’t feel any wiser, but I am more acutely aware and wary of the gender/racial undertones in society, my progress as a functioning adult, the health conditions of my parents, and the transforming relationships with my friends. It is all depressing, exciting, energizing, and lethargy inducing.

I am 26. If I want to start a business, family, a PhD course, the world is not as inclined to laugh in my face as it would have when I was 22. But if I go through a break up, don’t secure a stable job soon, don’t have a traditional “plan”– even with all the chill individuals supporting me out there, there are constant reminders that I am getting older every single minute of each day.

It is a…..different year so far. I earned my masters degree. I worked in a different sector. I lived a full year in a different country. I became engaged. I will have traveled to at least 5 countries this year despite a hectic schedule of going back and forth from the US to the UK. 2017, show me what’s to come.



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