B stands for Berlin

Berlin holds a special place in my heart (ew did I just say that?) because it was the first European city I visited as a grad student. Also, it was the first trip my fiancé and I took together after dating for 3 weeks! If you’re in question about the new girl/guy in your life, take them on a trip! Just kidding. Don’t. But maybe think about it. 😉



I went to Berlin during the summer for a few days. In the first two days, I roamed around the city wearing jeans, a light jacket, and sunglasses. The weather was comfortable and there were endless benches I could sit on to enjoy the view and a good book/podcast. In the latter half of my trip, I was thankful I packed sundresses and sandals because it was HOT. Not just HOT, but HUMID. I think I got a mild tan (thanks, sunblock!)!


On one of the super humid days, we stumbled upon a market and made a beeline for the fresh squeezed COLD juice. We quickly bought another cup because it was so delicious and refreshing (we still dream about it). After walking for another five minutes we had to buy a cold bottle of water and gelato. Mmmm. The heat was pervasive though….


I’ll stop with my cliches and just say that it was nice to be surrounded by diversity again. Where I live in the UK isn’t particularly a melting pot, so it was a pleasant surprise to have a stranger answer me in American English when I asked for directions. I did encounter a few Germans who could not answer my questions, but maybe they were pretending not to know English to avoid the annoying questions of a tourist, ha!



I reluctantly tried sauerkraut and sausages, although I am not a fan. When in Germany.……we did eat lots of Indian and Korean food though. Appears makgeoli and soju are in cafes due to it being a new hipster trend!



I can’t wait to go back to Berlin again. What a cool city.







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