P is for Paris

This is yet another throwback, but I had months where I neglected to document my travels and sort out photos & videos (Except on Facebook! At least I had that going 😉 ). Also, it’s only been…..5 months later, not that late, right? 😛

We went to Paris on a whim when we found a deal that included roundtrip Eurostar tickets and the hotel in one price. Also, it was my fiance’s birthday so we jumped on it. While Paris has always been on my bucket list, I will admit that I was “saving” it in the hopes that I would get to go with a boyfriend someday. I know, so cliche, but they do call it the “city of love,” for a reason, right?

Here is a quick list of my observations.

1. The Eurostar was surprisingly comfortable and we were in Paris in no time! The wi-fi was shoddy but considering how we were going under tunnels, I think it was alright. Plus I had a good book and better company. 🙂


2. This is probably the most overstated sentence of the century but Paris is beautiful. I loved walking down the street and seeing amazing architecture, bright colors, tempting food everywhere…..it was a dream.


3. Another cliche but it was AMAZING to have pastry options anywhere, anytime!!! Luckily we were able to restrain ourselves a bit from the macaroons but having pan au chocolate and brioche every morning……AHHHH. We also loved the option of having freshly squeezed orange juice at convenience stores (slash anywhere)! I guess this is a European thing as this option was available in the other European countries I was in as well. Jealous!


4. I heard mixed reviews of Paris prior to visiting. I think 90% of friends and family told me that Parisians were really rude whereas people living in other parts of France were friendly. What a contrast! I was also nervous about the treatment I would receive especially hearing about anti-American views in general but we didn’t encounter any of this at all. If  anything, everyone we met were really nice!!! **Except for a vendor who got all up in our grill when we were making out in front of the Eiffel Tower. Awkward.


5. The transportation was really efficient; another plus! We even secured our luggage at the train station and was able to have a full day to explore before our train left for London.


6. As a history nerd, the Louvre and honestly, every other piece of monument were incredibly satisfying to look at. Can’t believe I finally got to visit!

To be honest, I was not that impressed with this.


6. The minor complaint I have are the late opening hours on Sundays (and closures). I know this is a cultural, European thing, but I get up at 5:45 every morning and eat IMMEDIATELY upon waking up. Hangry me talking here.



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