B is for Barcelona

I’m in bit of a nostalgic mood today, so I thought I’d walk down memory lane. I ventured out to Barcelona alone for five days in September; as a reward for finishing my dissertation. Since I was so wrapped up in submitting my dissertation and moving out of my dorm into my then boyfriend’s house, I neglected to do any research prior to travel. This is not usually my style, but by now I think going with the flow is probably the best method. You never know what you can come across!

1. I’m not opposed to checking out sights alone, but I enjoy being around other people and after a while, I start to crave social company. I headed to Sagrada Familia and loved the time I spent admiring the architecture and being able to leave on my own schedule. But later, in that same day, I kept noticing groups of friends having picnics on the grass, drinking wine in the sun, and I instantly wished I had friends to hang out with! Traveling alone sucks sometimes.


2. I met up with a few cool peeps off Couchsurfing. It was interesting hearing their take of living in the city! And you know, that gave me new friends to drink wine with.

Couchsurfing friend’s rooftop view!


3. I am still impressed by the city infrastructure. The subway is fantastic and the wifi was strong all around. The wifi satisfied the inner tourist within me because I could Snapchat my travels and make friends jealous of the sun exposure I was getting. 😉


**Confession: I bought a 4 day pass for transportation (Hola BCN pass). I saw a guy jump the turnstile and I did as well, because I was en-route to the airport and didn’t want to pay for another day pass. Plus it was 4:30am! But once I got on the subway I read repeated warnings of how if you don’t buy a pass for the airport, you get fined €50 so I stupidly got out one stop before the airport and bought my ticket. Don’t repeat my dumb mistake!


4. It was a bit daunting for the locals not to understand my Spanish. I expected this; I learned Argentine Spanish and I have a foreign accent when speaking that language anyway. Even so, it was disappointing to have people immediately speak to me in English without giving me a chance!


5. Is it just me, or does EVERY tourist end up in a Starbucks at one point during his/her travels for the free wifi?

Airbnb, where I laid out tissues thinking somehow that would prevent me from making contact with germs.




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